Aurelie has been my French teacher for almost a year, and still would be if it wasn’t for her move out of London. She has got that rare capability of always making the lessons fun, making you feel at ease with the language, and leaving you always wanting to know more about the French language, the culture, etc…. She is very talented and she can always think of a way to make you understand all those complicated grammatical rules. Her classes are never boring and never the same. What a great loss for London but what a great win for Aberdeen!
Juan Carlos, London

My fiance and I had twenty hours of tuition from Aurelie which was spread over two months before we relocated to Paris. This was invaluable for us learning the basics of the French language as we were both beginners. Aurelie’s teaching was excellent, fun and inventive, she was very patient, encouraging us and challenging us too. Aurelie was extremely helpful in giving us a very good understanding of the language in a short space of time. We are more confident speaking French here in Paris and the locals really appreciate us trying to speak the language. As we have just moved here we know we have a long way to go, we just hope our tutors over here will be as good as her. We would highly recommend Aurelie, we thought she was a fabulous teacher and are grateful for all her help.
Sarah & Andrew, Aberdeen

Aurelie has an excellent command of French from a teaching standpoint and that allows one to move up the learning curve very quickly. She is creative, her classes are engaging and encourage significant inter-personal interaction. She is also very patient and always willing to go the extra mile to help her students.
Arjun, London

Last year, I attended Aurélie’s evening French classes for beginners. I found her to be personable, patient, understanding (we were just beginners) and also gifted with an amazing ability to connect with her students. She is a professional and knowledge person and I do not have any hesitation in recommending her.
Magesh, Aberdeen

I studied with Aurélie for several terms soon after starting to learn French so as to get by as a tourist. She was very a very dedicated and conscientious teacher, helping me improve both my spoken and written abilities, and more importantly she made me interested more broadly in all things French, so that I have continued with my studies up to advanced level – way beyond my original intention.
Noel, London

Aurelie is a very enthusiastic and dedicated teacher who can get the most out of her students by bringing fun into teaching. Her passion for the French language and culture is contagious to everyone. I improved a lot since I started my lessons with Aurelie and now am able to communicate effectively when on holidays in France. I recommend Frenchworkshop.co.uk for their professionalism and modern approach to teaching French.
Guillermo, Aberdeen

I was taught French at beginner/intermediate level by Aurelie at the Alliance Francaise in London. Having attended various language courses in other languages in the past, I would rank Aurelie among the very best in terms of fun, pleasant, yet professional teaching style. I wish I had had more teachers like her in the past.
Lutz, London

Aurelie is a gifted and committed teacher. She prepares each lesson thoroughly in advance and has a talent of making them fun whilst creating an environment conducive to effective learning. She is totally focussed on the student and will modify the course depending on their needs and ability. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
Steve, Aberdeen

Having studied French with Aurélie for about a year, both in groups and one-on-one, I would gladly highly recommend her.Very knowledgeable and competent, Aurélie is able to explain the language in a very intuitive, simple and interactive manner. Extremely creative, she always finds interesting material and new ways of teaching, tailoring to specific student’s needs. Aurélie’s passion for teaching the language and sharing the culture made the entire learning curve so enjoyable.
Olga, London

Aurelie has a natural facility as a teacher, bringing fresh ideas to the class and making the learning process continually both challenging and interesting. I looked forward to my sessions with her as she made learning french such a pleasure.
Valerie, Aberdeen

I was lucky enough to be taught by Aurélie for a two week intensive French course. Whilst I had some French tuition before I was still tentative with my French and lacked confidence. Aurélie was tremendously helpful building my French and making me more confident through excellent tuition blending familiar concepts with new materials. She was never pushy but always set me challenging but attainable goals. Shortly after my course I went on holiday to France and was able to put my new skills to good use and received many compliments for it. I would happily take lessons from Aurélie again!
Sean, London

I highly recommend Aurelie as a French teacher. I could have always relied on her expertise on all language related questions. She was very engaged and fully dedicated to her job, very creative in finding new ways of making French lessons attractive. It was a great pleasure to be her student!
Aleksandra, Warsaw

Aurelie has a unique teaching style. Her teaching technique is very effective and allows you to learn very fast and easily. She transforms the lesson into an enjoyable role play giving you the opportunity to practice the things you learnt and to support you on every step.
Maria, Aberdeen

Aurélie teaches French in a modern, practical and fun way. On a French holiday afterwards I was more confident and relaxed because I was able to speak and read some French.
Jim, Aberdeen

I’ve been taking weekly French classes for the past two or three years and during that time I’ve had a number of different tutors. Whilst all of them have been good, Aurelie is by far the best of the tutors that I’ve had. She is clearly a very experienced French teacher, with an open and relaxed teaching style that really puts you at ease. I particularly like the fact that she uses a range of different teaching methods, including practical activities, tasks and exercises, which really help to make learning enjoyable and bring it to life. She is also very good at developing students’ knowledge and speaking ability over time – building on what’s been covered in previous sessions and consolidating what you’re covered before. One of the things that really sets Aurelie apart is the creativity that she brings to teaching French. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Aurelie to anyone who would like to improve their French language skills.
Nigel, London

I was one of a class of seven students of various nationalities that Aurélie taught in the summer of 2010 at the Alliance Française. The course lasted two weeks with ten three-hour sessions each morning. Although it was an intensive course, Aurélie’s positive and engaging teaching method meant it never felt like hard work. She has a very effective teaching style which encourages participation and makes the lessons fun. I learned a lot. I would absolutely recommend Aurélie if you’re considering studying French at any level.
Andrew, London

I can unreservedly recommend Aurelie as a French teacher; not only will you learn the basic building blocks of French grammar but you will also be strongly encouraged to practice your speaking. I found all of her classes to be enjoyable and I am confident that any student of Aurelie’s will start to see an immediate improvement in their command of the French language!
Arjun, London

Aurélie is a highly skilled language teacher and knows very well each of her student’s needs. She knows how to make difficult language topics easy to learn using fun activities that help us understand better allowing us to practice more French. She is a very enthusiastic and focused teacher who passes her motivation to her students even in evening classes! I have improved a lot since I started studying with her.
Lorena, Aberdeen