Learn French in Aberdeen


At the French Workshop we believe in:



Because each learner is different, we carry out an assessment of your French level based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and discuss your objectives. From lesson one you will be totally immersed in the French language. We will speak to you in French and use drawings and gestures to help you understand the language. In this way we encourage you to speak from the very first class. We will continuously assess your skills through regular feedback to make sure you are progressing and achieving your full potential. Every class starts with a revision activity from the previous one so you consolidate your knowledge and refresh what you have just learnt.


We are very interested in the connection between the language taught in class and the one used outside it. This is why we encourage students to communicate in situations as authentic as possible. The introduction of radio and TV programs, newspaper articles, literature extracts, etc. will prepare you to face real-life situations. Order your first meal in a French restaurant or ask for directions to a French native will no longer seem as intimidating as you might think!

Fun Interaction

We focus on speaking and use modern methods to encourage interaction as the ultimate goal of learning a language. To make sure students become more confident when speaking, listening, reading and writing, we encourage them to practice and develop their new language skills regularly through a wide source of activities such as role-play, games, pair work and discussions on various themes. By involving you in many language tasks, you will make faster progress and will soon be conversing confidently in your new language!


We tailor the lessons to your specific needs on any content desired and offer classes at all levels and ages. We can provide as much as homework as you want and recommend videos to watch, so you can continue learning outside of the classroom and make the most of our lessons together. Lessons can be taken at your home, office or any other place you wish.