Welcome to French Workshop

French Workshop prides itself on specialising in teaching French at a high standard. We offer private lessons and small group courses for people of all ages and levels in Aberdeen.

Whether you are a company looking for a language provider, a student looking to improve your marks or you are planning your next holidays in France, French Workshop can provide you with suitable French training. We are passionate about the French language and culture and are truly committed to assisting people to achieve their learning goals.

We look forward to working with you!


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Les Petits Ecoliers

This course has been designed for the French-speaking children who do not attend a French school and wish to continue studying French and improve their speaking and writing skills. With this course, they will become familiar with the French curriculum and consolidate the skills essential for good knowledge of the language.

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One-to-one French Tuition

One-to-one French tuition in Aberdeen

One-to-one French tuition can be a great option whether you are moving abroad, looking to revise for an exam, travelling to a French-speaking destination or need to communicate fluently with your French in-laws. Whatever your objectives are, our customised lessons focuses on your specific needs.

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After School French Club

French classes for children in Aberdeen

Our after school French club delivers classes for children aged from 6 to 10 and give them the opportunity to discover French through the use of games, stories and various other activities. Children are grouped by age so they can all progress at the same pace. Your child will naturally absorb the language while having fun.

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